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I am happy to report that I was a spotlighted author on Book Lemur yesterday.  Here’s a link to my profile:  Book Lemur is a great, free service that compiles E-book bargains for their readers daily.  You choose what categories  you’re interested in and your daily page will show you great deals in those categories.  You don’t have to remember to check every day though, as they send out E-mails with links to your deals for the day each day.  Most of the books are free – $1.99 so they’re great deals.  They’re not just self-published books either.  Big book companies do sales on e-books all the time and their lists often include best-sellers.  Check them out:

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POSTS Reckoning Daze

Reckoning Daze is NOW AVAILABLE on AMAZON!

My debut novel, Reckoning Daze, is now available on Amazon.

It’s currently priced at 99 cents, but I’ve asked them to make it free.  See, when you upload a book, they require you to charge at least 99 cents for it.  It’s odd because we all know there are thousands of free books for the downloading on Amazon, but they make you charge at least 99 cents first.  Then you can send them a message with links to where it’s free on other sites and ask them to change the price in the interest of being competitive.  So, that’s what I’ve done.  Yesterday they told me they’d let me know by the end of the day on the 21st.   This is probably because it’s the weekend and Monday is the President’s Day holiday.  So, it may be available for free starting at some point on the 21st, but if you could buy it for 99 cents in the meantime it would, of course, be much appreciated.

In the meantime, you can get the Kindle format file, called mobi, on Instafreebie, this great site that gives out tons of free books.   You can grab it from them here:  You’ll just have to side-load it onto your Kindle if you get it from them instead of the Amazon store.  After Instafreebie e-mails the mobi file to you, you’ll just have to side-load it onto your computer.  First, you download the mobi file onto your computer and make note of where you’re putting it.  Next connect your Kindle to the computer with the cable that came with it.  Now  open your Kindle’s list of folders by double clicking on the Kindle in Windows Explorer.  One of the folders will be called “documents.”  Just  find the mobi file wherever you downloaded it to on your computer then drag it to the documents folder.  Now Reckoning Daze should show up under your books on your Kindle, ready to read.

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New Releases


My debut novel, Reckoning Daze, is now available for free on Barnes & Noble, Apple’s iBooks and several other e-book retailers.  If you go to my Books2Read page it will link you to most of these sites.

Here’s the product description:

“An actress is always a starving artist,” so says Lindsay Harmon-Foster, a talented but struggling Los Angeles actress in Michael Beaulieu’s gripping debut novel Reckoning Daze.

Lindsay, 19, a former star of a critically acclaimed but canceled series, is now doing a pilot that might prove to be the role of a lifetime, but her anorexia and other habits could kill her before she’s cast for the full series. Although she has long been self-destructive, she’s never been more so than now, making her a threat to herself and others. Aside from losing the show she loved, she thought she had found her soulmate in a rising music star named Jesse, but he committed suicide and she blames herself. Will she land the new series and allow herself to find love again with an actor named Marc or will addictions – and suppressed family secrets – make her die hard?

While Lindsay’s demons are portrayed with unflinching honesty, the way she views Los Angeles and the business is often comical. If you like Bret Easton Ellis and Chuck Palahniuk, you’ll find Reckoning Daze’s blend of high drama and satire to be a perfect mix of laughs and suspense. Get it today and find out whether or not Lindsay’s dreams come true.

And here’s the about me paragraph from the back of the book, just in case you’re curious:


Reckoning Daze is Michael Beaulieu’s first novel. It was written when he was an anorexic living in Los Angeles himself. Prior to Reckoning Daze, Michael wrote 30 original screenplays, many of which he plans to someday make as independent films himself. He currently resides near Boston, Massachusetts with his cat, Mister White, and his turtle, Johnny Rocket. He is presently writing a young adult, urban fantasy series entitled Book of Shadows, the first book of which will be released later this year. To learn more about Michael visit him at Be sure to sign up for his mailing list to be the first to learn about Book of Shadows and Michael’s other books.

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