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Reckoning Daze


Have you got your free copy of Reckoning Daze already?

Have you had a chance to read it?

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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Any reviews would be hugely appreciated.  As an independent author with no publisher behind me, reviews are my lifeblood.  If you want me to be able to keep writing and releasing books, leaving a review is a small way that you can show your support and help me out.

If you post reviews on all four of the sites above I will thank you in my next book.  (You can copy and paste the same review onto these sites.  I’m not asking you to write four different reviews.)  Simply email me links to the reviews at and I will thank you in my forthcoming novel Book of Shadows.  NOTE: If any of these sites say you can’t leave a review because you haven’t spent enough money on the site, just post it to the other sites and when you send me the links just tell me Amazon wouldn’t let you or whatever the case may be and I’ll still thank you.

Check out this other unused Reckoning Daze cover:

It says Michael McCarthy because that’s my real name.  I’m using Beaulieu as my last name for books because it’s a name that was in my family for something like a hundred years and eventually died off when one family after another produced daughters and thus had no sons to carry on the name.  You may find it interesting to know that it means “beautiful place” in French, beau meaning beautiful and lieu meaning place.

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Reckoning Daze

Reckoning Daze Now Available in PDF

That’s right — you’ve read the subject line correctly.  Reckoning Daze is now available in pdf.  It’s available exclusively on Instafreebie, which I believe is the only site of its kind to offer books in pdf format.  So, those of you who prefer to read books on your computers can now easily do so.


Check out this early cover for Reckoning Daze:

Michael McCarthy is my legal name, but I use Beaulieu as my author name for books because it’s a name that was in the family for several generations that died off.  Using it as a pen name is my little way of bringing it back.

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New Releases

Fear & Self-Loathing in Los Angeles, Paris Journals, Book of Shadows, etc.

Today I went to a class on memoir writing at a local library.  I didn’t learn anything new, but I think I finally have the confidence to release my memoir now.  It’s called Fear & Self-Loathing in Los Angeles and it’s about the first year I lived in California.  It’s about moving out there and being untreated with bipolar disorder and PTSD and being anorexic and having a girlfriend who was also anorexic.  It might sound depressing, but it’s an endearing love story as much as anything else.  So, it’s only partially what they call a “misery memoir” in the publishing industry.   I wrote it just after I moved back to Massachusetts in 2006, which was just two years after it happened.  Also, I had countless Livejournal entries from when it happened to refer to when I wrote it.  I also keep notebook journals and wrote a lot during that period as well, so I also had those as a reference.   So, if ever a memoir was accurate, it’s this one.  That said, it’s from my point of view and different people can see things quite differently.  And I do not want to get sued.  So, I would have to spend some time distorting the facts so that people wouldn’t be easily identifiable.  This means doing another series of revisions, which will take time, and right now my priority is Book of Shadows, which will be the next book I release. Book of Shadows is a young adult series, albeit an edgy one, about teenage witches.   I’m editing it myself because, quite frankly, I couldn’t even afford to pay someone $100 to edit it for me, and that’s taking quite a bit of time.  I also recently made some revisions after I edited it, so there are parts I have to edit again.  Then I have to edit Book of Shadows 2, but I might start writing Book of Shadows 3 before I edit 2.  I don’t think I could take editing two books back-to-back.  You have to look at things from a technical point when you edit and that’s not the way my brain works, so I am despising the editing chore.  Plus, I’m a writer and I thrive on writing and having my time all sucked up by editing and not being able to write just plain sucks.  In any case, I do look forward to releasing Fear & Self-Loathing in Los Angeles at some point.  I think it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever written.

Speaking of memoirs, in 1999 I spent 5 weeks in Paris and kept a daily journal and want to write a memoir about that at some point, too.  Although I might just make the book a collection of journal entries.  I would have to edit them, of course, but I think it might be more interesting to compile the journal entries than to write a memoir based on them.  Then again, I haven’t looked at those journal entries since I wrote them, so it’s possible that they’re actually quite boring.  Also, I was fortunate enough to also spend a couple weeks in Paris in 2000, 2001 and 2002, so I’ve thought about combining the best and worst experiences of all those trips into one book.  I might write what they used to call a roman a clef.  That’s how they categorized Jack Kerouac’s books.  They were fiction, but based largely on reality.  So, what was true and what was made up was often unclear.  I kind of like the idea of writing a book like that based on my experiences in Paris.  Combine the highlights from all four trips and make them even more interesting than they already were in one great book.  I really have to make up my mind there.

I have ideas for several other books, too.  I recently found myself struck with a few that I really like.  I want to write screenplays again at some point, too.  I’ve written 30 of those suckers and I enjoy the format.  The downside to writing those is that people generally don’t read them.  And the chances of them getting made into movies are slim, especially since I always write very indie-minded scripts.  Definitely not big budget Hollywood fodder.  And with indie movies, usually the same person writes and directs them.  They’re usually involved in financing and producing the movies, too.  So, unless by some miracle I become a best-selling indie author then I doubt I’d ever have the money to make one of my scripts into an actual movie.

I have thought about publishing my screenplays though.  Some people do like to read scripts.  I could throw a few of them up on Amazon for 99 cents each and they might sell some copies.  Who knows, one of them might even make it into the hands of the right producer.

Speaking of my screenplays, there are several of those that I would like to turn into novels, too.  So, there really aren’t enough hours in the day to write everything that I want to write.  Sometimes, like all writers, I get frustrated when I can’t come up with any new ideas.  But, really, I’m sitting on a treasure trove of stuff to draw inspiration from.   That’s a nice position for a writer to be in.

Finally, I would like to say that you should subscribe to my mailing list if you haven’t already because I will be e-mailing my subscribers the cover for Book of Shadows soon.  I might even show you the rejected covers that were made before the final cover.  Stay tuned.

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Reckoning Daze

Reckoning Daze, Book of Shadows, etc

Hi everyone!  Thanks for stopping by my site.  I realize I haven’t updated in a few weeks.  I’ve just been busy editing Book of Shadows Volume One, which is called Casting, and is the first in a series as the title implies.  I’m currently trying to determine when I should release it.  Also trying to settle on a cover.  I have two, but both have their pros and cons and I’m really hoping for a cover without any cons, so to speak.  So, I’m trying to decide whether I want to have a bit more work done on one of the covers I already have or hire someone to do something different from scratch.  I’m tempted to post both here and ask you what you think, but I think it’s better to get the cover finalized and then reveal the finished product.  Afterall, I wouldn’t want to post a rough draft of a manuscript and ask you what you think.  As a writer, you really want your audience to read the final, polished product.  Of course, I may inquire as to whether or not some of you would like to be beta readers for my books in the future, but there’s a difference between sharing something with a small number of beta readers than putting something on your website for the whole world to see.

Lately, I’ve been describing my debut novel, Reckoning Daze, with a shorter blurb instead of always using the product description that’s on Amazon and other retailers.  “Reckoning Daze is the story of an anorexic actress who tries to flee her demons, land a new role and find a new love.”  You get the idea.  Straight and to the point.  I’m never sure what adjective to use to describe it, though.   Sometimes I call it harrowing or shocking, since it certainly is those things, as some of you have said, but at other times I call it a satire because that’s how much of it was meant to be regarded.  The main character’s observations about Hollywood, acting, etc, are intended to be satirical.  It’s her sordid history and addictions that are meant to be taken seriously.  So, it depends on which aspect of the book I want to convey when I’m writing  a one-liner.  Which do you think is most appropriate?  I would love to hear from you about this or about anything pertaining to my books.

If you haven’t received your free e-book copy of Reckoning Daze yet, you can find out where you can get it for free here:  It’s available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple’s iBooks, etc.  If you would prefer to get it delivered straight to your e-mail you can always get a copy from the fine folks at Instafreebie here:

If you’ve already read Reckoning Daze, I would hugely appreciate it if you could leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.  A review anywhere would be great, of course, but those are the two sites where people are most inclined to read the reviews, if I understand correctly.   Your review doesn’t need to read like a book report either, by the way.  You can simply write one sentence if that’s easier.  Even just a few words would be great.

As some of you may have figured out, my “real” last name is McCarthy.  Beaulieu is a name from the French side of my family that was, in fact, in the family for decades.  However, too many families only had daughters and it died off.  So, using it as my pen name is my way of bringing it back.  I’ll be using it on all my books.  But you can find me using my born name on my pop culture site Love is Pop.  I originally started that site as an outlet for reviewing music, which is something I’d done for the better part of twenty years, but during the past couple of years I lost interest in writing reviews as I shifted my focus to writing books.  Now I use Love is Pop for the thing I always enjoyed most about journalism: doing interviews.  Initially, the site was a music site, but during more recent months I’ve began interviewing authors and have already spoken with best-sellers Francesca Lia Block, Jay Asher and Adriana Mather.  If you’re an author, self-published or otherwise, and you would like to be the subject of a feature interview on Love is Pop drop me a line at and introduce yourself.

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New Releases Reckoning Daze

Welcome, New Readers

Reckoning Daze is listed in today’s edition of the wonderful Book Lemur newsletter and dozens of people have downloaded it already.  I’m sure some of them will find their way here, so I wanted to say thank you to everyone who is choosing to read my book.  I know there are thousands of other books out there that you could be reading and want you all to know that I appreciate it.  At the risk of sounding mushy, you’re making my dream come true.

While you’re here why not subscribe to my mailing list then you’ll be among the first to hear about my next book, a young adult, urban fantasy novel called Book of Shadows.  Well, technically, Casting is the title and Book of Shadows is the name of the series, but I wrote it with the name Book of Shadows and only came up with Casting as an afterthought so I’m going to have Book of Shadows in larger letters than Casting.  The way I see it, Book of Shadows is like the name of a TV series and Casting is just the episode title.

Speaking of television series, I used to write screenplays — I’ve written over 30 of them! — and about two years ago I decided that I wanted to create a series about witchcraft for teenagers.  Something edgy for Showtime or Netflix.  I would make them more powerful than your average witch — or, I should say, Wiccan —  but I’d base the spells on real witchcraft rather than fairy tale lore.  These weren’t going to be witches flying around on broomsticks or wearing big, pointy black hats.  They were going to be realistic characters and they were going to be the good guys.  There would be three main characters and two of them would be a lesbian couple.   It only occurred to me as I finished writing the first episode that there were also three witches on Charmed and three witches in The Craft.  I wasn’t going to add another main character just to be different, though.  Besides, if the show was made we could say it’s a nod to those, that we’re carrying on the tradition.

I wound up writing five episodes of the Book of Shadows series then I decided to stop because there was a strong possibility that the series would never get made.  (Most don’t.)  Some months later, I signed up for a writing workshop and we had homework and I couldn’t come up with an idea to save my life.  I was feeling creative though, just not very original.  So, I decided to write up the first episode of Book of Shadows as a short story.  I made some changes to the characters in the short story to keep things interesting for myself and there were scenes from the script that didn’t make it into the short story and vice versa.  Well, we had other assignments for the class, but they were mostly writing prompts, so I didn’t end up taking it further than that one short story.  Cut to several months after that and a new writer’s group was forming that myself and a friend from the workshop were going to check out and I needed to write something.  I decided to bring that Book of Shadows short story and use that as my writing sample because I was really pleased with how it had turned out.  With that group, we could write and share whatever we wanted, so I decided I was going to write a Book of Shadows novel and I’d share each new chapter at each meeting.  Well, that novel is the first in the series.  Now there are two additional books.  Sort of.  When I wrote Book of Shadows 2, I wound up writing a book that was over twice the size of the first book and also longer than most successful young adult books.  Fortunately, there is a suspenseful point right around the middle of that book where I can split it and turn it into two books.  That will take some revising, though.  I’d have to flesh out the first half and come up with a new chapter to begin the third.  So, I’m saying that there are three books but there still exists the possibility that I’ll just release the whole thing as Book of Shadows 2.  So, we’ll see.

The game plan is to release Book of Shadows Volume One:  Casting within the next six months and make it available as a free book then charge people for the second and future books.

I’m going to begin writing Book of Shadows Four (or 3) soon, but I’m sure my next book will be something entirely new.  I have some ideas already.  I just don’t want to lose the momentum I have with Book of Shadows now.

If you liked Reckoning Daze — or even if you didn’t — could you do me a favor and review it on Amazon?  At the time of this writing I don’t have any reviews yet — I only released the book a week and a half ago — and books with no reviews don’t get downloaded as much so any reviews would be very much appreciated.

Don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list before you leave, if you haven’t already.



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New Releases Reckoning Daze


You should be able to start buying printed copies of Reckoning Daze from Amazon starting tomorrow!  I ordered 15 copies this morning for my friends and family.  Super excited that I’ll be able to hold it in my hands.

While you’re here, why not sign up for my mailing list so you can be among the first to hear about my next novel, Book of Shadows?  You can sign up at the top of the column on the right.

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