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June 2017

Book of Shadows

Appearing at Chelmsford Public Library Today + Book of Shadows News

Sorry for the late notice, but today I will be appearing at a local author event at the Chelmsford, Massachusetts Public Library from 2 – 4PM.  Really hoping some of you locals will stop by!  I will be giving a brief talk about my books then I’ll be selling and signing print copies of Reckoning Daze and Book of Shadows.

Both books will be just 10 bucks, cash only, which means you’d save 4 bucks off of Book of Shadows, which sells for $13.99 on Amazon.

Now, here’s the 411 on the Book of Shadows sequels…

First of all, Book of Shadows 2 was twice the length of a longer young adult book.  I asked readers if they’d prefer I leave it that way and just release the whole thing soon, or if they thought I should divide it in half, less the sheer length of the book overwhelm people.  Well, each person who got back to me about this wanted me to split it into two shorter books.  “I like books I can read in a day.”  “Really long books put me to sleep.”  “If you can get two books out of it, you might as well.”  Those are a few of the reasons you guys and gals gave me.

So, per your guidance, I have found a great spot in the middle where I could split it and I’ve done that, but now I need to write a stronger end for book 2 now that it stops in the middle of it.  And I’ll have to write an opening for Book 3, less it just start where 2 left off with no introduction explaining what went on in the previous book.  So, that’s going to take a bit of work.  I’m still aiming for an August release of Book 2, which I plan to make available for pre-order on Amazon soon.

I’ll be trying out Kindle Unlimited with Book 2, so if you have that you’ll be able to read it for free. Otherwise, I believe it will be priced at $2.99 for the Amazon e-book.

Ideally, I’d like to sell it for less, but the royalty you make for up to 2 dollars is insulting. So, they make you charge 2.99 before they give you the nice royalty rate.  Besides, you have to keep in mind that if I wasn’t doing all this myself, a publisher would be selling the e-book for at least 9.99, so I think 2.99 is still a great deal.

When your book is in Kindle Unlimited it has to be exclusive to Amazon, so that’s the only place you’ll be able to buy it or read it for free if you’re a KU subscriber.

Now, since I’m splitting Book 2 into Book 2 and Book 3, the volume names for each has changed.  Here’s what they will now be:

Volume Two: Surviving
Volume Three: Hunting (This was previously going to be the Volume Two title.  There’s more hunting in the second volume though, hence my now using it for 3.)
Volume 4: Missing

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Here’s the 411:

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Good luck!

Michael Beaulieu

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