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Book of Shadows New Releases

Book of Shadows 2 coming 8/10/17 – now available to pre-order!

That’s right, Book of Shadows Volume 2: Rising will be out on its scheduled release date of August 10th, 2017 and is now available to pre-order here: Be sure to pre-order it today so that your Kindle gets its fix as soon as it’s available. Like magick!

Of course, I’ve enrolled Book of Shadows 2 in Kindle Unlimited, so those of you who subscribe to that will be able to read the book for free! (There’s another way to read it for free mentioned below.)

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Here’s the blurb…

WARNING: This description contains spoilers for Book of Shadows Volume 1 (Casting) and should not be read until you’ve completed Volume 1 book as Volume 2 begins where Volume One left off.

Book of Shadows 2: Rising picks up with 16-year-old witches Emma and Shar in the hospital – following a life-altering attack – with friends Lia, January and Pete by their side. At the end of Book 1, Emma saw her dead boyfriend, Tim, come back to life in the morgue. He makes contact and wants her back, but she doesn’t know if she can trust him. For starters, the attack was largely triggered by his actions.

In addition to being a coven, Emma, Lia and Shar are now known as the “Noah’s Catholic shooting survivors.” As if they weren’t stressed enough with the media and nosey people swarming around, the police keep interrogating them, threatening manslaughter charges if they won’t reveal how two of their attackers caught fire. They’d tell if they could, but it was… magick!

Meanwhile, Emma has another otherworldly visit with her late great grandmother. She warns her that witch hunters have been hired to kill her and her friends. Soon, a cursed package arrives. Emma cautiously opens it and discovers something horrifying that just might kill her.

What will the evil package do to Emma? Will the girls go to jail for manslaughter? Will Emma be able to forgive and love Tim again? Read Book of Shadows 2 today and find out!

####### END BLURB #############

I could very much use some early reviews for Book of Shadows 2, so if anyone would be interested in receiving a free ARC (advance reader copy) let me know. You just have to answer one question to show that you’ve read the first book.

What is the name of Emma’s cat?
1. Blackie
2. Blackstar
3. Mister White
4. Mister Black

E-mail me the correct answer at and I’ll send you an ARC. Just let me know if you’d like an epub file (most devices) or mobi (Kindle) file. Simple as that. All I ask is that you consider posting an honest review on Amazon after you’ve read it. To leave a review or pre-order the book just go here:

If you haven’t reviewed the first Book of Shadows book yet, I would love it if you could. The book has had a few thousand readers but it’s only accumulated 5 reviews so far. So, if you could please, please leave one I would highly appreciate it. To do so, just go here:

Your review doesn’t even have to be a full sentence.  A one-word review like “Amazing” or “Suspenseful” would be appreciated.  The more you say, the better, but I’d be happy just to get a few one word reviews.  And, the sooner, the better.  Book 1 will start to grow an even bigger audience, and create a bigger demand for Book 2, if you give Book 1 a review today.


Finally, if you like free books you’re going to want to check out this gigantic Instafreebie giveaway I’m taking part in. It consists of over 230 books of over 13 genres! Whatever you fancy, you should be able to find at least a dozen intriguing reads through this one. Each of the 230+ books will be FREE July 24-30! (That’s right — it started today!) Simply, go to and stock up.
I know I will be!

Just don’t forget about Book of Shadows 2 (Rising) in your excitement about so many free books! 

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Book of Shadows

My latest e-mail newsletter, B.o.S. 2 title change & my writing routine

Hi folks,

Below is the newsletter I just sent to my subscribers.  I won’t always post them here on the site, though, so if you really want to keep up with me and all the latest news on my books then it’s best that you subscribe (via second window down in the column to your right).  

Before you read the newsletter, I wanted to point out that I’ve changed the title of Book of Shadows 2 since my last post on the site.  Surviving just wasn’t a very good title.  It sounded too passive and made the characters sound like victims.  If you’ve read Book 1, you know that it’s fitting, but it’s still not the best way to represent Book 2.  After all, our girls are more than just victims of something.  Book 2 was originally going to be called Hunting, but that’s now the title of Book 3.

You may recall that Book 2 was originally going to be called Hunting, but that’s now the title of Book 3, since there’s happier (and not so happy) hunting in Book 3.

Greetings My Dear Readers!

Today I have some Book of Shadows news for you!

First of all, I have the Volume Names of each of the next three Book of Shadows novels.

Without further ado…

Book of Shadows Volume Two = Rising
Book of Shadows Volume Three = Hunting
Book of Shadows Volume Four = Missing

Originally, you may recall that Book of Shadows Volume Two was going to be called Hunting.  That was before you told me you’d rather I split the 156,000-word beast into two separate books, less you find yourselves overwhelmed by a jumbo novel that feels like it’s never going to end.  Well, OK, I think Book of Shadows is a little too exciting for it to feel that way, but everyone who responded said that two books would be better and I can’t argue when it’s unanimous.

Once I’d divided it, I needed another title.  After all, I couldn’t call them both Hunting, especially not when most of the hunting takes place in the second half.  So, Rising was born, like a Phoenix emerging from the ashes, which is basically what the characters are doing in Volume Two.

On a related note, with many series titles, they name the book after the volume number.  If I’d done that, Book of Shadows Volume One would have been called Casting in big letters and the series title and number would’ve been in smaller print.  I’d written it as Book of Shadows, though, only coming up with the volume name several months later.  So, calling it Casting as the main title just would not have felt right.  So, I called it Book of Shadows and made Casting a secondary title instead. This is something I plan to continue doing with this series.  So, you’ll always see the name Book of Shadows in large letters on the book covers, less anyone see one and not realize they’re looking at a new Book of Shadows book.  After all, if we were talking about a movie with several sequels they would always focus on the titles of the movies, not the titles of the sequels.

In other news, people have been asking what my writing routine is like.

Well, if I’m going to tell you that I might as well tell you about my daily weekday routine for when I’m at home.  All of these times are approximate.  I do have O.C.D. but it’s not so rigid that I can’t sleep in another half hour if I’m still really tired or otherwise divert from my schedule.

8:30 AM: wake up, take meds (I’m bipolar & have fibromyalgia, among other things)
8:45 – 9:00: brush teeth, shave in my bathroom (which doesn’t include a shower) upstairs
9:00 – 9:30: go downstairs & take care of pets; this includes giving my cat, Mister White, his immune system disorder meds along with checking his blood sugar and giving him insulin for his diabetes; also includes taking care of my turtle, Johnny Rocket –, a.k.a. J. Rock, J.R., Junior, Rocket Man & Johnny Rockafeller, which means taking him out of his tank and putting him in a smaller tank to feed him to keep the big tank from getting dirty so fast
9:30 – 10: take a shower (downstairs bathroom), get dressed, comb hair
10 – 10:15: make iced latte — I just have a cheap espresso machine I paid 50 bucks for ten years ago — and bring that to my office with a large ice water; sometimes I do this earlier while Johnny Rocket is eating
10:15 – 11:15: mostly spent going through e-mails; as you know, I run the music and pop culture site Love is Pop and that gets me nearly 200 e-mails a day from publicists who want their artists covered on my site (I’m very picky, BTW); I also get a lot of e-mail from people like you, who read my books, as well as a ton of e-mail newsletters about free and discount e-books (gotta love that!) and a ton of e-mails from stores like Society6 and Design By Humans — my favorite t-shirt stores — along with the usual suspects like Walmart and Target
11:15 – 11:45: read what I wrote the day before and polish it; it’s still a rough draft, but in better shape than the day before after this
11:45: start working on the latest book; this takes up all my time from 12 – 5; usually done at my office desk, but sometimes I go to cafes with friends and work on it there, or on nice days I’ll sit outside and write in a notebook (could use my laptop, but when I’m outside I prefer notebooks for some reason)
5 – 6:30: do other stuff on my computer, like organizing albums I download that publicists send me links for
6:30: – 7:00: repeat everything pet-related
7:00: change into shorts and t-shirt I wear to bed
7:00 – 10PM: watch TV shows or movies; usually, it’s tv shows because I’m always struggling to keep up with my many favorites — I watch movies more so on the weekends
10 PM: go to bed

Again, this is approximate.  Sometimes, especially if I’m more in the manic end with my bipolar disorder, I’ll stay up a couple hours later then get up later the next day. Also, during the time I’m writing I’m also doing Love is Pop stuff, like multitasking and e-mailing publicists and scheduling interviews for Love is Pop in addition to writing interview questions, doing the actual interviews and transcribing the interviews

So, what do you think?  Is my life boring or what?


Before I go, I wanted to mention that we’re onto the final week of the L.J. Smith giveaway I’m doing with some other great authors.  You can win all 9 of the new hardcover editions of Night World along with a couple Vampire Diaries goodies, too.  CLICK HERE TO ENTER.

PS: In my last E-mail, there were a couple of instances where a few words were merged together.  I’m not entirely sure how this happened.  I think it’s because I wrote the E-mail in Open Office then pasted it into Mail Chimp.  Otherwise, maybe, just maybe, Mail Chimp screwed up.  Either way, I apologize for that and can assure you that I’m not that stupid. 😉
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