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HAPPY NEW YEAR, Book of Shadows 3 & 4, etc.

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  • January 2, 2018
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I know, I know — it’s been forever since I’ve updated this little author site of mine.  It’s not that I’ve been out of touch with my readers, however.  I’ve been sending out newsletters, usually once a week, during all of this time that I haven’t thought to jump on here.  Of course, I should’ve also posted the newsletters as updates here, but I’ve been so busy writing Book of Shadows 4 that I just haven’t thought to do so.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “He’s working on Book 4?  We haven’t even read Book 3 yet!”  Well, I plan to rectify that in the near future.  I’ve just been so busy writing Book 4 that I haven’t wanted to stop and work on Book 3.  Not that Book 3 needs much work.  It just needs a prologue, or else I need to tweak the beginning of the first chapter, so that if someone picks it up and starts reading it without the benefit of reading the previous two books first then they’ll at least have a vague idea about what’s going on.  Obviously, I would prefer people read the books in the correct order since they all happen back-to-back, but there are always those random people who start with the newest book first and I have to try to keep them happy along with my longtime readers.

If you would be interested in reading an advance reader copy (a.k.a. an ARC) of Book of Shadows 3, please let me know.  I will be letting a limited number of people read the book ahead of its release datew.  I simply ask that you leave a review once it’s released.  Even if you don’t like the book, a review would still be appreciated.  After all, listening to criticism is one of the ways authors learn to hone their craft.

One of the reasons why I didn’t think to update this site during the past few months is that my cat, Mister White, took sick when his immune system disorder reared its ugly head again.   He always has an immune system disorder — he’s had it since around 2010 — but normally medication keeps it in check.  Unfortunately, his system grew too accustomed to the meds he was on and his white blood cells killed nearly all of his red blood cells again.  He was even having internal bleeding because of this, being that his platelet count was practically zero, and he required an emergency blood transfusion to save his life for the second time since I’ve had him.  That required a hospitalization, but the fine folks at Chelmsford Animal Hospital managed to save his life once again.  (They joke that he’s on his 11th life now.)  I’m eternally grateful for them.   If only their services were free.  Anyway, on top of the immune system disorder, Mister White has had diabetes for about a year.  Lately, his blood sugar has been higher than I would like, but they haven’t wanted to increase his insulin just yet because his system is still getting adjusted to his new meds and such.

Another thing — just after recovering from his near death experience with the immune system disorder, Mister White managed to scratch his right eye really bad.  The way it healed, there was a bubble there.  The doctors said that if the bubble were to burst, he would lose the eye.  Fortunately, the eye drops they gave us — er, sold us — ended up making it continue to heal and now there’s just a thin scar where the bubble was.  So, no more bubble, which is awesome.   Also, the scar is located above the white part of his eye, so it doesn’t affect his vision.  I just have to put the gooey type of refresh tears drops in the eye twice a day so that the scar doesn’t irritate the eye and make it weep, but otherwise, he’s doing great where that’s concerned, too.

Needless to say, this Christmas was a happy one because my feline companion was still here with me and doing well.  That’s really all I wanted for Christmas.  I did get a few other things, though, but I’m not going to sit here and list them because it always sounds like bragging to me when people do that on Facebook.   The only present I will mention is that my parents gave me a ticket to go see Lana Del Rey on the 13th of this month, which I am very excited about.  I’ve loved Lana ever since the first time I heard “Video Games” and I’ve become a bigger and bigger fan with each album she’s released.  Her latest, Lust for Life, is my favorite with Ultraviolence being a close second.

Well, I hope you and your families had a great Christmas, Solstice, Festivus or whatever else you might have been celebrating this season.  I also hope you had a blast ringing in the new year.  To that end, I am wishing you all a very healthy and happy new year for 2018.  My resolution is to release a music single this year.  I have Acid Pro, which is similar to Pro Tools and Garage Band, and really enjoy fooling around with it.  Mostly, I’ve just done a bunch of remixes so far but I want to write and record a single to be released this year.  I can sing and bought a professional microphone a year or so ago so all I need to do now is write a great song.   I’m not expecting it to be a big hit, mind you.  I’ll just be happy if I have a song on Spotify and iTunes and such.  If people like it, awesome.  If not, well, at least I’ll still have the satisfaction of having made and released it.

My other resolution is to write at least three books this year.  That will include Book of Shadows 4 since I still have half the book to write.  It’s going to be a long one, too.  But I think its length will simply give you even more time to enjoy hanging out with Emma, Lia, Shar and company.   Hopefully, you’ll agree.   As for the other two books I intend to write this year, one will be a stand alone “literary fiction” type of novel.  I need something that my adult friends who won’t read young adult books can read.  Technically, Reckoning Daze is a book intended for adults, but since it’s about a 19-year-old anorexic and drug addict and involves a lot of taboo subject matter, it’s not something I have encouraged my relatives to read.  So, one book will something everyone can enjoy.  The third book will be the first in a new series.  I have ideas for a few of those so it’s just a matter of deciding which one I want to write most.

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