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#AuthorConfessions Day- 10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

So, today is #AuthorConfessions day. You’re supposed to write about 10 things people might not know about you, especially things pertaining to writing. I’m overdue for updating my author site and sending out a newsletter, so I figured I’d do this and just post it everywhere. I already have a list of surprising things about me on my author site, but this is a bit more personal while also being more so about writing.

Here goes…

1. I usually write or edit between 11AM and 6:30PM. I used to force myself to quit at 4PM because that’s when my brain starts to fry, but more recently I’ve just kept working, often until 6:30.

2. I write on the weekends, too. It’s something I usually enjoy very much, so why wouldn’t I write on the weekend?

3. I don’t always write every single day. I do take a Saturday or Sunday off once in a while and there are days when I go out to various cafes with a friend, so I’m doing some writing, but I’m also socializing.

4. I’m bipolar and that plays a role in my writing because the more I write, the more excited I get. Sometimes when it’s going really well and I do it for several hours I’ll get manic and have a hard time coming down. It’s invigorating and gets the creative wheels in your brain spinning at full speed.  The more “up” I’m feeling, the more creative I’m feeling.  I also feel more confident when I’m manic.  That’s the only time when I think I’m a great writer.

5. I have fibromyalgia and there are days when it’s torture just sitting at my desk. I have a Sealy Posturepedic desk chair, too, so it’s not the chair that’s the problem. It’s the fibromyalgia, which causes me pain every day. Some people have days when they don’t experience any pain, but mine never goes into any sort of remission.

6. I always need to have a tasty beverage when I’m writing. Lately, I’ve been drinking iced tea in the morning and a Pepsi (the kind made with real sugar) in the afternoon. Yet when I go out, I always get an iced coffee or an iced latte. I do drink hot beverages at times, but rarely.

7. One of the reasons I don’t drink hot beverages much is that I am allergic to heat. Seriously, I am allergic to heat. If I get too heated up by hot weather, or spicy food or from exercising, or because it’s hot in a store, I get awful itching attacks. The allergy isn’t as sensitive as it used to be, thank Goddess, but it hasn’t gone away completely. I was getting itchy a couple of times just yesterday when I was in the hallway where there’s no a/c.

8. In addition to Book of Shadows 4: In Memoriam, I have two other books that I intend to publish this year. One is a memoir called Fear & Self-Loathing in Los Angeles. The other is a satire called Becoming Madonna. Becoming Madonna was written in 1998 and I hadn’t looked at it for years until recently when I discovered that it’s not half as bad as I thought. I basically just have to edit it because the protagonist — a soap opera actress who wants to be a pop star — said a lot of things that were far from being PC. Some that would offend people nowadays even though people would’ve laughed about how nuts she is if it was released in 1998. Speaking of which, the book is going to be a period piece because it will still take place in 1998. Otherwise, I’d have to change A LOT of it, considering how people are glued to their smartphones now and social media exists and everyone uses it.

9. Before I started writing novels, I wrote over 30 original screenplays. (Once I hit 30, I stopped counting.) Some of them were good, but most of them were quirky stories that would never get made by a studio. They’re the type of scripts where you’d have to find your own funding and direct the movie yourself. I really would like to do that someday. If I become a successful self-published writer eventually and have the money, I’ll definitely finance and direct a movie.

10. Some of my screenplays would make excellent novels. I plan to use my Gas Money and Inspiration, Paris scripts as outlines for new novels. But I think I’m going to write something brand new first.

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