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Book of Shadows


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  • October 27, 2018
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A few months ago, it dawned on me that I’d never seen any of my fellow authors make a soundtrack for their books.  So, I went on Spotify and made one for my teenage witch series Book of Shadows.  The playlist below is the soundtrack for books 1, 2 and 3.  And the songs are arranged in the order they would appear in if I ever made a movie out of the books and was able to get the rights to every song that I wanted.  Of the 32 songs on the playlist, almost all of them are about witchcraft or related things like the moon and magic.  But you can easily create a playlist of your own and copy all the songs from mine then delete the songs that aren’t about witchcraft and related things: Kerli’s “Tea Party,” David Bowie’s “Breaking Glass,” Zola Jesus’s “Vacant” and Garbage’s “Medication.” Either way, I recommend you listen to it when you’re celebrating Halloween.  It’s the perfect time for music about witches, isn’t it?

Not familiar with my young adult, urban fantasy series Book of Shadows? You can get the first book in the series for free on Amazon right now:

Here’s the description:

“What would you do if you found your late great grandmother’s book of shadows, better known as a spell book, and learned that you’re a natural born witch? If you’re 16-year-old Emma McGlinchey, you try a candle lighting spell and recruit best friends Lia and Shar into starting a coven after it works.

Soon the girls cast a glamour spell to make everyone like them at the religious high school where they’re being forced to begin their junior year. It works perfectly on all but a nasty group of zealots who bully Lia and Shar for being a lesbian couple.

Meanwhile, a love spell they cast for Emma to charm the boy of her dreams succeeds, but the guidance counselor comes onto her, too.

The girls attempt to deal with these side-effects using other spells, but will they be able to set things right before catastrophe ensues?

Read Book of Shadows Volume 1: Casting today and find out!”

If you’re not down with Amazon, you can also get it free from

Barnes & Noble:



Book of Shadows 1 Books2Read Universal Link to even more places where you can get the book for free:

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Book of Shadows New Releases


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  • October 12, 2018
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I will be doing an author takeover on the Bookies blog’s Facebook page — — on 10/19/18 from 2 PM – 4 PM Eastern Time U.S.

Lots of fun stuff will happen!

If you’re a Book of Shadows fan, you simply must come.

Well, if you’re able to.

Not that I’m telling you what to do.


Wouldn’t do that.

Just a friendly suggestion.

From one author to his fans.

PS: I’ll also be talking about my upcoming books Becoming Madonna and Fear & Self-Loathing in Los Angeles.  You might even be allowed to see the covers…

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  • October 6, 2018
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Hi Magickal Friends!

Happy Saturday! It’s finally the weekend and, hopefully, we can all breathe a little easier now.  I know I’m glad that Book of Shadows 4: In Memoriam is live on Amazon and that you, my wonderful readers, are really enjoying it!  That is the most important thing in the world to me.  (Well, aside from my family, friends and pets.) It’s such a relief to know that you’re glad this was a longer book.  That’s what I’d hoped for, but I couldn’t be sure until the reviews started pouring in.  Of course, I realize that there are bound to be some folks who wish it wasn’t so long, but thus far I’ve only heard from people who’ve been happy about it.  Regardless of your opinion, I would love it if you could leave a review.  Just go to if you’d like to do so! 

I have 2 contests going right now. The prize for each is a signed, first edition copy of Book of Shadows 1: Casting.


One prize will be awarded to the person who shares my posts, or posts of their own, featuring Book of Shadows 4: In Memoriam, the most times.  I’d love it if you guys could spread the word all over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, tumblr, Pinterest, etc. You’d be helping me out and you just might win the prize!


The other prize will be awarded to the person who makes the Book of Shadows 4: In Memoriam ad that I end up liking the best. It simply has to feature the title of the book, my name, and the words “out now.”  Otherwise, you can quote a review or take quotes from the book.  I’d LOVE to see ads with quotes on them. 

Very few people have entered these contests. I want to give people more time to get their creativity on, but I do think I should set a deadline. So, the deadline for both contests will be 10/19/18. That’s roughly two weeks from now.

On another note: ARC readers, if those of you who’ve chosen to review the book could post your reviews soon, it would be tremendously appreciated. That said, I know it’s a longer book and that life happens and people can’t just drop everything to read a book.  So, of course, I’ll light up like a Christmas tree with a bright, shiny star on top whenever you can post them.  

The same link is where to go to post reviews, and/or buy your copy, or to read the book for free if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber!

When posting ARC copy reviews, be sure to write something like, “I received an ARC copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it,” so that Amazon doesn’t think I forced anyone to review it.  

If you do review the book, I’d love it if you could send me a link or screenshot so I can be sure not to miss it.  (E-mail me at

Winners must reside in the continental U.S. only, please. Void where prohibited by law and all the usual yada, yada, yada.

Eight readers have already reviewed the book on Amazon. Here are some excerpts:

“I really enjoyed the mischief they cause at school in book 4. Some of it’s light-hearted, which is a sweet change of pace for the series. I also have to say it was very interesting to see how the girls dealt with the black magic inside them all now.” – C.C.

“I found this to be the lightest-hearted book so far and I mean that in a good way. It was nice for the girls and their friends to have a little breathing room.” – M.K.W.

“Book of Shadows 4 did not disappoint! I loved diving back into the series with this book. It shows them trying to lead normal lives. But with everything that comes their way that’s virtually impossible. I loved the longer length of this book.” – S.S.

“I highly recommend this story to everyone and if you buy this story you will not be disappointed.” – S.E.

Here’s the Book of Shadows 4 description:

Following Book of Shadows 3’s harrowing battle with an evil witch who wanted to take their lives to steal their magick, 16-year-old witches Emma, Lia, Shar and friends finally believe the worst is behind them. Until they start at a new school the very next day and discover that half the students think they’re murderers following the devastating events at their last school.

Meanwhile, Emma starts to feel like she’s losing her mind as her thoughts turn darker and darker. It could be that it’s the black magick she was forced to absorb in book three or it might be something far more sinister.

Book of Shadows 4: In Memoriam takes place during the days leading up to a memorial for a friend who met an untimely death in volume three. Emma and the group are worried that they’ll be blamed for the friend’s demise until they receive signs that something much worse is about to take place.

Read Book of Shadows 4 today and find out what happens when you’re faced with evil above, evil below and evil within!


Slap your ad on this blank image or insert the full cover into an ad of your own and you just might win!

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Book of Shadows New Releases

Book of Shadows 4: In Memoriam is Out Tomorrow (10/3/18)

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  • October 2, 2018
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Hi Magickal Friends,

How is your Tuesday going? I’m very busy doing promotional things with Book of Shadows 4: In Memoriam coming out TOMORROW

Can you believe it’s finally coming out?  I’m so glad you’ll all be able to read it at last.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Here’s the link: 

I would appreciate it big time if you buy a copy.

Those of you who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited will be able to read it for free.  It’s going to be an Amazon exclusive, as you have to make it exclusive to enroll it in Kindle Unlimited. 

If anyone needs an epub version, go to Bookfunnel via the link below and grab an ARC copy before they expire at the end of the day today.

If you review the book, which would be appreciated more than words can say, please send me a link or screenshot so I can be sure not to miss it.  (E-mail me at

Here’s what a few people who reviewed Book 3 had to say:

“The best book of the series so far and still another to come. Great bit of escapism and fantasy, with an interesting set of close friends and also their coming of age and relationship trials and tribulations.”

“I have read all of the books in this series by Michael Beaulieu who is a wonderful writer.”

“Full of action and a great storyline! You will enjoy this book! I highly recommend this series!”

In other news, popular book blogger Sarah Foil recently interviewed me here:  Check it out.  I think you’ll find it both interesting and informative!

By the way, I now have an author Instagram account where I’ve been doing the #Bookstagram thing, showing folks photos of my books and books by author authors in cool settings.  Follow me here and I’ll follow you back:

Finally, I should mention that I send out newsletters regularly — much more often than I think to post here —  featuring lots of cool stuff that I’m sure my readers would get a kick out of.  Just look to your right for the subscribe box!

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