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Book of Shadows 5 Progress

Hi Magickal Peeps, as I call my e-mail list subscribers. If you’re not among them, you can subscribe near the top of the column to your right. I send out newsletters more often than it occurs to me to post things here, so if you want to be among the first to learn the volume name for Book of Shadows 5 or to see its cover, I strongly suggest you subscribe. But if you do and you don’t enjoy my newsletters or wish to unsubscribe for any other reason, you may do so whenever you’d like. The link to my privacy policy is in the header at the top of this page.

Today, I am happy to tell you that I’ve written the first 18 chapters of Book of Shadows 5! 15 of them are all typed up. The other 3 only exist in a notebook so far, but I’ll be typing them up soon enough. Not to mention writing more chapters.

It’s a weird time for me right now because I really should be getting back to doing interviews for Love is Pop, but I’m having so much fun writing Book of Shadows 5 that I haven’t been able to pry myself away from it yet. I will finally be doing a couple soon-ish, though. And, oddly enough, they’re not with musicians. One is an author and the other is a filmmaker. But I can’t tell you their names just yet, lest I jinx myself and have them fall through.

Have you read the first four Book of Shadows novels yet? If not, you can get them via the following links:

Book One: Casting: (free)

Book Two: Rising:

Book Three Hunting:

Book Four: In Memoriam: (this volume is in Kindle Unlimited, so you can read it for free if you’re a subscriber)

Here’s a trick, though: If you Google “Michael Beaulieu Prolific Works” it should take you to the page with all of my books that are available for free through the site. This includes Book of Shadows 1, 2 and 3! And they’re available in epub and mobi.

If you’ve read any of them but haven’t left a review yet, I would appreciate it tremendously if you could take a minute to leave one now. Even a one sentence review would be great. And you can leave reviews on Amazon even if you grab the books from Prolific Works for free. If you get them from Amazon, it will tag them as verified purchases, which looks a little better, but you can still leave reviews without buying the books from them.

I know you’re always hearing authors asking for reviews, but they really do help. Whenever someone leaves a positive review, it triggers Amazon to show your book to more people. Plus, people who happen across the books at random, or by looking them up, will be more inclined to buy them if they see that I have a lot of positive reviews. Thankfully, most of my reviews are positive. There just aren’t enough of them. More importantly, there haven’t been any in quite some time so I could really use some new ones. Just be honest. If you want to leave a negative review, that’s fine, too.

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Check out A Well Read Woman’s 5 Star Review of Becoming Madonna

The wonderful book review blog A Well Read Woman has reviewed Becoming Madonna. They gave it 5 stars!

Here’s a quote:

“The plot of Becoming Madonna is clever and original. I liked how there was a story within the story–while she was still on set with the soap opera. It was fun seeing her dashing back and forth like a chicken with her head cut off between acting and recording in the studio. And it was amusing/and almost comical to witness her panicking over her father seeing her very risque music video for “Touch Me… There”. Laurie learns that becoming a pop superstar like her idol Madonna comes at a steep price, literally and figuratively. “

Of course, I recommend you head on over to the excellent blog and read the entire review:

In other news, I’ve now completed 11 chapters of Book of Shadows 5! So, yes, progress is definitely being made. I don’t know how long it will take me to complete the book, but I’m hoping to have it written and ready by Thanksgiving. Book of Shadows 4: In Memoriam took me a little over an entire year to write, so that might be a tough deadline for me to meet, but I’m going to do my best. Speaking of Book of Shadows 4, it continues to get a lot of positive feedback. I just wish you folks who write me such wonderful fan mail would post your thoughts on Amazon or Goodreads, too. Reviews truly are the lifeblood of indie authors, such as myself. You might think your comments aren’t worth leaving if they’re only a couple of sentences, but, trust me, even one sentence reviews can make a difference. The more positive reviews, the better. Of course, I only want you to leave honest reviews so if you didn’t like one of my books please feel free to leave a review stating that. If you could indicate what I could’ve done better, I would appreciate it, but, if not, no worries.

Here are the links to buy or leave reviews for the first 4 Book of Shadows novels on Amazon:

Book One:

Book Two:

Book Three:

Book Four:

On another note, I wanted to mention that my friend Bill’s cat, Magique, was found. He was actually hiding under Bill’s bed for three days, shy about getting to know his new home! When he finally did start coming out, he turned into quite the terror, trashing the house on several occasions, but I understand he’s calmed down and adjusted well now. And, yes, Magique is the French word for magic. However, he was already named that when Bill adopted him. So, it’s a strange coincidence that my friend’s cat wound up with a French name and an even stranger one that it should be the word for magic, which is one of my favorite things, as you well know.

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