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Book of Shadows 1 – 3 free, Book 4 will soon be free as well

Check out this new Book of Shadows advertisement/promo made by my super-talented friend Gael Welch. Feel free to spread it around, my friends.

Get Book of Shadows 1 – 3 free from my Prolific Works author page:…/author/9470/michael_beaulieu

Book 4 will be free via the same page but I think I have to wait until the 28th because even though I unenrolled the book from Kindle Unlimited, apparently I had a 90-day contract that doesn’t expire until then. My only concern about breaking it would be that Amazon would ban me from selling books on their site forever. That’s the only punishment I can think of and they do like to punish people so just give me a few weeks. I’m not sure when I have to wait until yet, but Becoming Madonna will also be free on Prolific Works at some point.

You can also get my non-ya, new adult, racy novel Reckoning Daze from my author page, but I do have to warn you that it may be triggering for anorexia, cutting, rape, incest and drug abuse.

I should also mention that the protagonist is a downhill, self-destructive racer and the book is her descent into madness so don’t expect a HEA. So, who would like Reckoning Daze? People who like edgy, alternative literature. People who like to be shocked. People who don’t mind books without a traditional plot. People who like those “anonymous” books.

In some ways, I think Reckoning Daze is the best thing I’ve ever written. And I love that it gets extreme reactions from people. It’s a love it or hate it sort of book. If you look at the reviews, there are people who’ve said it’s the best book they’ve ever read. No kidding. And others say it’s a piece of trash, that it’s the worst book they’ve ever read. I like that it gets such strong reactions from people. I can’t wait to give away Becoming Madonna and finally have people reading that book, which should prove almost as controversial, largely because the protagonist starts off a bit racist and homophobic. That said, she does wise up by the end of the book. I bet people will read half of it and write reviews calling me a racist, though. I don’t want that to happen whatsoever, mind you, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what happens.

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