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Hi Magickal Friends!

How goes it? 

Things are pretty well here.  I’ve been super busy with Love is Pop lately, but you’ll be happy to hear that I’ve still managed to write seven or eight chapters of Book of Shadows 5.  They’re in one of my countless notebooks and need to be typed up, but once I do that then I can put them in the correct order and from that point going forward I will be writing everything in order because I’ve learned that I don’t like writing chapters out of sequence.  Because it makes you picture things happening in the wrong order and it gets confusing.  And you might have a character say something in one chapter then something contradictory happens in another chapter and you didn’t realize this because you were writing them out of sequence.  I think that writing them out of order can benefit some writers, but for someone with a legit memory problem, like me, it’s just too confusing. 

I also wanted to mention that I’m taking the next couple of weeks off from Love is Pop to focus on writing fiction. Thought you’d be happy to hear that.

In other Book of Shadows news, I’ve come with ideas for two Book of Shadows short stories.  I’m not sure when I’ll write them, though.  I mean, do I stop writing Book of Shadows 5 and write one or do I keep writing Book of Shadows 5 and write them later?  I think I might have to stop writing Book 5 and write a short story because I need to find a way to get more people into the series.  I’d hoped that word of mouth would keep the ball rolling but that isn’t happening so I need to take action.  If I write a short story, I can put it on Prolific Works and have them feature it in a newsletter and on their blog.  And people who read that might go ahead and read BoS 1 since it’s free everywhere.  Then some of those might continue to read the rest of the series.  

One of the short story ideas takes place about 5 years after the Book of Shadows novels and is about Emma and January, who own a private detective agency and are a happy couple.  The other is about Shar’s sister Arja and what happens after Emma, Lia and Shar cast a love spell to make her co-worker fall in love with her.  Let’s just say that the spell works too well and in just about every way possible.  This would be one of the sub-plots in Book of Shadows 5, but in the book, you’ll be reading from Shar, Emma, Lia and January’s POVs.  Not Arja’s.  In the short story, however, it’s from Arja’s POV and you get the whole story, not just the bits that she tells Shar in the book. Which of these two ideas do you think I should write first?  Email me at and say DETECTIVE if you want Emma and January’s P.I. story or say ARJA if you want her love spell story.  (You don’t need to use all caps.)

On a different note, my friend Bill’s cat Magique is missing.  His name is the French word for magic, but he didn’t name it that.  That’s the name it already had from the humane society.  Well, the cat managed to get out the same day he’d adopted him and he’s been missing for about 48 hours now.  So, I’m doing everything I can to help my friend find him.  (You know what a cat lover I am.)  He went missing from Neofotistos Circle in Dracut, which connects to Hampson Street, which connects to Kinsella Ave and 7th Ave, as well as to Pleasant Street near Lakeview Ave and Parker Ave on the opposite end of the street.  So, if you happen to live in the area, please be on the lookout.  And if you have friends who live in Dracut or Lowell, MA, perhaps you could forward this to them. 

This is Magique:

If you see Magique, please e-mail so I can notify my friend. Much thanks! Ciao for now!

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