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  • January 30, 2019
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Yes, you’ve read the subject line correctly.  I have decided to surprise release Becoming Madonna instead of putting it on pre-order!  It should be live on Amazon by this time tomorrow.  I’ll send you an e-mail with a link once it is.  If you’re not subscribed to my list, what are you waiting for? Just fill in your first name and e-mail address in the column to the right of this post and then you’re all set to be the first to hear about my upcoming books. You’ll also see cover reveals and I’ve been known to give away free books and short stories!

The main reason I did to surprise release Becoming Madonna is so that you can post your reviews as soon as you write them.  This way, nobody has to remember to post them on a release date.  You can just post them as you finish the book and feel like doing so.   It would especially be appreciated if you could review the book if you received an ARC.  You’re not obligated to, but it would be a nice gesture.  And be honest.  Just try to keep in mind that I wrote this book way back in 1998 and my writing skills weren’t what they are today just yet!  Although, in some ways, I think I might have been a better writer back then, which is a scary thought that I’m trying not to ponder too much.

Since the book will be available to buy tomorrow and will be an Amazon exclusive, I will not be able to send out any additional ARCs.  But I’ve already been quite generous and sent out many more copies than I’d intended to.

So, I’ll be back in touch soon with the link to buy Becoming Madonna.  And if you have Kindle Unlimited you will be able to read it for free!


Soap Suds Weekly has crowned her “the breakout star of 1998,” but Laurie Saint-Germain hates it when she signs an autograph and the so-called fan is upset that she signed her own name, not that of Sandy Lemonde, her happy-go-lucky character on daytime’s sensational Passionate About Love. Especially since her master plan is to become a movie star and pop goddess – just like her idol, Madonna!

When Dime-A-Douzaine Records, home of Back Alley Boyz and *4Guys, offers her a chance to record a demo with the option of signing her, Laurie jumps for joy so hard she breaks the ceiling. However, they have to like her, too, which could be a problem because her wise-ass mouth and brutal honesty create a perfect recipe for fireworks.

As if keeping her harsh opinions to herself wasn’t difficult enough, Laurie’s life is thrown into turmoil when she finds herself falling for a woman for the first time as she flirts with her beautiful hairdresser, Beth. Then there’s the matter of a potential record deal causing complications with her soap contract.

Becoming Madonna pursues 18-year-old Laurie through her coming of age life choices and her struggles to become the next Madonna. Read this hilarious satire today.

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