Cover Reveals

Book of Shadows Cover Reveals


And here’s a new photo of me, just in case you’re curious about what I look like these days…

The things strapped to my arms are tennis elbow bands.  The reason I’m wearing them is that I have severe tendonitis in both arms from typing too much.  Guess I’ll be wearing them forever because it’s not like I can stop writing.  I tried to do less of it for a while, but I was miserable.  So, this is just another painful condition I have (like fibromyalgia) to live with.  Oh well, that means more books for you to read!

In addition to Book of Shadows 4, I’m also gearing up to release Becoming Madonna (see the previous post here) and my memoir, Fear + Self-Loathing in Los Angeles.  The memoir is about the first year (of three) that I lived in Los Angeles.  During that time, I dealt with the usual pains of moving and soon fell back into an old habit of mine called anorexia.  Not fun.  I was also in a relationship that nearly drove me to suicide.  Suffice to say, it’s not exactly what you’d call an uplifting read.  But if you like complicated love stories and/or memoirs about eating disorders then I suspect you’ll love it.

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