1.  I grew up eating meat and couldn’t stand it.  As soon as I turned 18, I became a vegetarian.  People gave me hell for it at first.  They didn’t think it would stick.  Well, I’ve now been a vegetarian for 22 years so I think I’ve proved them wrong.  I am, not, however, a vegan.  I need dairy and eggs.  I wouldn’t eat fertilized eggs, but unfertilized I’ll occasionally eat.
  2.  I’d die without Ben & Jerrys, hence my not being a vegan.
  3. I was obsessed with The Brady Bunch when I was a kid, which was when it first went into syndication.  It was on almost constantly and I couldn’t get enough of it.  Even if it was an episode I’d already seen three times, I had to watch it when it was on.  This was before VCRs came along, you see.
  4. I was out of my Brady Bunch phase when we got our first VCR, which was a Betamax, a format that was much superior to VHS but, sadly, lost that battle.
  5. I am bipolar.  And, yes, I’m on meds.  Doing just fine, thank you.
  6. I lived in Los Angeles from 2003 – 2006.  If it wasn’t for (lack of) money and health problems, I’d still be there.
  7. When I finally make enough money from writing, I am going back to Paris.  I’ve been there four times already and I’m in love with the place. I love to sit in Jardin du Luxembourg and feed the pigeons frites from McDo’s.
  8. After I visit Paris again then I’ll start saving up money to move back to Los Angeles.
  9. Someday, I really want to live in Paris and do my writing from there.  But, first, I’ll set myself up in Los Angeles, my second favorite place on earth.  I’d love to make enough money to travel back and forth between them regularly.  Just one of my “if I ever win the lottery” things, ya dig?
  10. I’ve been obsessed with Twin Peaks since it first came out on VHS.  I didn’t watch it when it aired because it was on at the same time as Beverly Hills 90210, which I was obsessed with at the time.  But once I saw Twin Peaks — by spending 99 dollars on a VHS set of the first seven episodes — I forgot all about 90210 and pretty much every show on television.  I’m still hooked on Twin Peaks today and I am counting down the days until the reboot hits Showtime.
  11. Two people I have interviewed have died.  The first was Tim Kelly of Slaughter, who seemed like a really sweet guy.  He was killed in an awful car accident.  The second was Ricky Parent of Enuff Z’Nuff, who had a long battle with cancer that he eventually lost.  It blows my mind to think of this, that people I’ve interviewed are dead now.
  12. My cat’s name is Mister White.  He’s king of the house and my best friend.  Everybody loves Mister White.  Even my late Uncle, who hated cats, liked Mister White.
  13. My turtle’s name is Johnny Rocket, but we also call him a variety of names including J. Rock, Rocket Man, J.R., Junior, Johnny Rockefeller, Johnny Rock, Johnny Crockett.  And probably a couple I’m forgetting.
  14. I keep re-loading Reckoning Daze’s Amazon page, anxiously awaiting my first review.
  15. My next book is book one in a series I’m writing called Book of Shadows.  It’s about teenage witches who deal with things like love and bullies with magick, sometimes getting what they want and sometimes creating undesired side-effects.  The magick in the book is based on real witchcraft, as I am a Wiccan myself.  I already have three volumes of the book written.  This is because I was writing book two and it turned out to be over twice as long as the first one, which is way too long for a young adult, urban fantasy series, which is what it is, so I’m going to cut the book in half.  The first half will be book 2.  The second half will be book 3.  I still have to edit them so that they work that way, which will probably involve writing some new scenes and altering others, but I’m looking forward to it.  I have a lot of fun writing this series.
  16. Half of the music I listen to isn’t even in English.  I listen to a ton of J-Pop (Japanese pop), K-Pop (Korean Pop), Mandopop (Mandarin Chinese Pop), French pop, French Rap, Italian Pop, Latin Music, etc.  I think you’re depriving yourself of some of the world’s most talented artists if you only listen to music in English.  You don’t always need to understand the words.  Just feel the emotion conveyed in the vocals and the music.  The voice is, after all, an instrument.  So, I just look at the voice as an instrument and couldn’t care less whether or not I understand it.  Unless it’s in French.  I try to follow those songs, translating them in my head, as I’ve been studying French for years.  That said, I’m nowhere near fluent.  I do write my journals in French though.

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