First of all, I’ve been meaning to mention that Book Angel UK has been featuring Reckoning Daze all week.  This basically means I have a paid ad at the top of their newsletter all week.

Secondly, I wanted to suggest that people hold off on ordering printed copies of Book of Shadows from Amazon or Createspace until I tell you it’s OK to do so.  Reason being, I received the copies I ordered this week and discovered that something had gone wrong: the right margin wasn’t justified starting halfway through chapter 15 all the way through to the end of the book, which ends with chapter 18 and an epilogue.  I checked the pdf I gave Createspace and the proof they sent back and the right margin was justified throughout the book in those, which means it should’ve been justified throughout the printed book.  But that error occurred and they’re supposed to be correcting it and sending me new books.  So, you might want to wait until I get the new books and can tell you they are perfect.  In the meantime, if you ordered and received the defective one I would contact Amazon or Createspace because Createspace created this problem, not me.  I would think that  Amazon would let you send the book back and issue a replacement once I say it’s all good.  I mean, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure.

In other news, I have almost 200 subscribers now.  So, if you know any people you think would like my book, send them on over and suggest they sign up for my list so they can get my books for free.  That’s right, those links still work.  You can get my books for free.  Book of Shadows sells for 99 cents everywhere, but I’m giving my subscribers, who I consider friends, the book for free.  Just sign up for my mailing list and you’ll be e-mailed a thank you with the download links in it.

This week I contacted some book bloggers for the first time.  I haven’t heard back from most of them, but I’m not surprised because a lot of them say that they don’t accept self-published books.  Can you believe that?  I could see people wanting to be indie and only publishing self-published books, but book blogs not accepting them, favoring the major publishers instead just doesn’t seem fair.  Now I realize that a lot of self-published books are bad, but a lot of them are truly awesome.  And most of us host websites that look better than these bloggers’ sites.  So, it’s not like we’re all unprofessional idiots putting out lousy books.  Anyway, enough venting about that here.  I imagine those bloggers receive more books than they can count from the major publishers and I guess that would keep me busy, too.  On the plus side, two bloggers did respond favorable.  One is going to read both of my books and interview me, which I’m rather excited about, and the other is going to review Book of Shadows.  So, it wasn’t a complete loss.

If you know of any bloggers who might like to interview me, let me know.  I could really use some publicity outside of e-mail newsletters and the ads I’m running.  To that end, I’m getting a lot of new subscribers through Facebook, which is fantastic, but my Amazon ad doesn’t seem to be paying off.  I might just stop the Amazon ad and spend that money on increasing my budget for Facebook.  Right now, my priority is getting my books into the hands of people who will read them.

One thing I am considering is putting Book of Shadows into Kindle Unlimited.  If I do that, I can’t sell it anywhere else.  In fact, I can’t even give out free copies.  Those are their terms.  But, you get paid for every page that every Kindle Unlimited Subscriber reads.  So, even if someone just flips through the first few pages of your book, you make money.  Not a lot of money, but it could be enough money for me to continue advertising my books.  Plus, millions of Kindle Unlimited subscribers would now be able to read it for free and Amazon apparently promotes your Kindle Unlimited books to them.  So, if I go with Kindle Unlimited it’s possible that Book of Shadows will find more readers.  Of course, I’d still continue to give Reckoning Daze away.  That one will be forever free.  Make a torrent and put it out there, if you want.  I just want people to read it so I can hopefully build an audience.  Make some fans.

Suffice to say, if you want Book of Shadows for free, you better subscribe and get the link while you still can.

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