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  • August 10, 2017
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Hello Readers, Fans, Friends and members of the Official Mister Black Fanclub,

The day has finally come… Book of Shadows 2: Rising is now on sale, fresh out of Pandora’s Digital Box!  And it’s an Amazon exclusive, which means that if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited then you can read it for free!

Those of you who’d like to buy Book of Shadows 2 can head on over to Amazon right now and get your copy.  It’s on sale for just $2.99, a small fraction of what most new e-books cost.  I’m really hoping that people won’t mind paying for this one since I’ve already given you two books for free, Reckoning Daze and Book of Shadows 1.  Besides, today is my b-day and you can help me celebrate by buying your copy today. 🙂

If you were one of the awesome people who asked for and received an ARC of Book of Shadows 2 in exchange for an honest review, I would be forever grateful if you could head on over to Amazon and post yours now:  If you haven’t finished the book yet, just try to remember to post your review when you’re done.

It’s my dream to become a successful writer and to be able to support myself with my writing and you guys showing me some love by buying my book and/or reviewing it would really help me get closer to that goal.  I can’t tell you just how much I’d appreciate it and what a confidence booster it would be.

To show my appreciation, I have completed a Book of Shadows prequel short story that I started some time ago and never got around to finishing because I wound up so busy writing all of the full-length books.  The story is called Out and About in Paris and it’s about when Emma and her parents took Lia and Shar with them to Paris the June before the girls started at Noah’s Catholic.  So, they aren’t witches yet.  I felt it was an important story to tell, though, because it shows Emma having a couple more of her often vague premonition feelings that she always experienced even before she found out she was a witch.  That said, the biggest reason I always felt like I needed to write this was so readers could find out how things went when Lia and Shar came out to Emma and told her they were a lesbian couple.  It’s something I kept writing and revising in my mind and I’m so glad I’ve finally committed it to the page.  I needed to know exactly how it happened, too!  I really think you Mister Black Fanatics will like it.  Most certainly, you Lia and Shar shippers.

So, how do you get Out and About in Paris?  Simple: buy Book of Shadows 2.  When you buy it, simply send me some form of proof of purchase.  You could forward me your receipt from Amazon or take a screenshot of the thank you page Amazon shows you after you buy the book.  You could also show me that you now have the book on your Kindle or other device by taking a photo of it with the book open so I can see you have it.  Or a photo of your device’s library, showing the Book of Shadows 2 cover there with your other books.   If there’s some reason you can’t do any of these things, let me know and we’ll sort it out.  You can forward your receipts, photos or whatever to me at  And be sure to tell me if you’d prefer it in mobi format or epub format.

If you’re not buying Book of Shadows 2 because I gave you an ARC copy, just send me a screenshot of your review, or at least a link to your review on Amazon and/or Goodreads, and you’ll have earned your copy.

It might not be until next Monday that I start sending it out, however, as I have plans from now until then because for some reason everyone wants to celebrate my birthday this year.  (Je suis populaire ici maintenant!)  To get things started, I just had a nice lunch with my parents and sister at Sakura, a Japanese restaurant in Chelmsford, MA that I love.  It’s one of my favorite restaurants and my birthday is about the only time I ever get to go there so I certainly enjoyed my vegetarian things. (Yes, like Emma, Lia and Shar, I am a vegetarian. Have been for decades.) For starters, we all shared a bunch of maki, my favorite being cucumber, avocado and cream cheese rolls (something I created when I was living in Glendale, California; my friends used to call them Mike Rolls).  The waiter always looks at me like I have nine heads when I request them, but I bet if they tried it they would add it to their menu.  Otherwise, my main entree was teriyaki tofu, which is so, so sweet and yummy. Before they put the tofu on your plate with the teriyaki dressing, they actually batter it and deep fry it. Then it’s served on a hot skillet.  It winds up being too hot when it first arrives but if you wait for it to cool off a bit then you can really enjoy the heck out of it.   It came with a huge plate of teriyaki noodles and white rice, miso soup and your typical Japanese restaurant salad with that orange dressing they put on it.  I only wound up eating a few bites of the tofu, however, because last night I was unable to sleep more than four hours, perhaps excited about Book of Shadows 2 launching today, and I have a very small appetite when I’m sleep deprived.

Getting back to Out and About in Paris, it still needs to come back from the editor and then I have to convert it to epub and mobi formats to give you guys.  I’m not sure if it’ll have cover art.  I only have so many photo stock type photos of Emma left and I’m going to need one for books 3 and 4 so I can’t see wasting one on a short story.  Maybe in the future, if I end up selling the short story on Amazon for 99 cents in a few months.  I’d have to have a cover at that point.  But I don’t think you folks would mind if a free short story has no cover art.  Or would you?  Do tell… I always love hearing from my readers.

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