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  • September 30, 2019
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I know it’s been a while since I’ve written to you and I apologize for that. It’s just been because I haven’t felt like I have much to say recently and I’ve been waiting until I have big news to tell you.  That’s just something that I haven’t had lately.  I still kind of don’t, but I figured I at least owed you a status update about Book of Shadows 5.  

I have continued working on BoS 5, but at a snail’s pace to be honest.  I’ve just been so wrapped up in my music and pop culture site, Love is Pop.  The trouble I’ve been having is that, well, I have OCD — not severely, but still — and I have to hyper-focus on things to really get a lot done.  It’s possible for me to do Love is Pop and write books, as I’ve done it in the past, but lately it’s been a real struggle.  So, I have decided to take the entire month of October off from Love is Pop so that I can focus on Book of Shadows 5.  And when I go back to it after that, I’m going to be really picky about what I do and only spend time on things that excite me, whereas in the past I have done things just to keep the site updated regularly.  

I have the first 33 chapters of Book of Shadows 5 all typed up now.  I was having trouble keeping my head straight before because I’d only be up to typing up chapter 27 meanwhile I’m writing chapter 33.  This caused me to confuse chapters and insert some in the wrong order.  I’m also having trouble because I keep forgetting what I’ve already written with my memory problem getting worse all the time.  (I’m seeing a neurologist about that on Wednesday.)

The next thing I want to do is come up with an outline for the rest of the book, which will ultimately help me write faster and stay focused better.  And I’ll be able to remember what’s already happened in the book easier because I can just refer to the outline.  

When I’m having trouble working on BoS 5, or at a point where I’ve written all of it that I can for the day, I’m going to be working on doing a final edit to my memoir Fear & Self-Loathing in Los Angeles.  The book is about the first year I lived in California.  About moving to Los Angeles and the very rocky relationship I had that year, as well as my descent into anorexia for the second time in my life.  I think the subtitle is going to be “A Tale of Love and Anorexia.”  In any case, I’m itching to finally publish it.  It’s a little scary because it’s brutally honest and at first it will feel weird knowing that it’s out there for anyone to read., But everyone who has read it has said it’s the best thing I’ve written thus far so I feel like I owe it to myself to put it out there.  Plus, it’s not doing me any good just sitting here.  

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