Book of Shadows


Yes, it’s only taken me nearly a year to write, but Book of Shadows 4: In Memoriam is complete.  Well, the first draft anyway.

What happens next?  I read through the book and make little adjustments that need to be made.  Also, fixing any typos that I spot.  After that, I will ask my readers who were kind enough to proofread Book of Shadows 3 to do the same to Book of Shadows 4.  There are school teachers and English majors among them, so I’m not just asking a random friend to look at it.  No, these are trustworthy people and believe me, they found a TON of typos in Book 3.  I couldn’t believe that I’d missed that many.  But I did and I’ll freely admit that.

Once it’s been proofread and I’ve made all of the necessary corrections I’ll be on the hunt for a cover.  I’m not sure what that is going to look like because I don’t have any additional photos of the model who appears on the first three books.  I’m going to go through Shutterstock again and see if I can find one, but it’s pretty unlikely.  Besides, I made a Book of Shadows poll, which I’d love you all to complete, and it looks like January and Lia are actually more popular than Emma!

I’m not surprised about January being so popular because I tend to have the most fun writing about her and she’s kind of like the class clown to some degree.  As for Lia, she’s the real wisecracker of the group, always finding something sarcastic to say in the face of, well, just about anything.   I suppose, also, that fans are getting a little tired of Emma because she’s narrated the first three books.  I’d think that would make them like her the most, but she’s a bit of a neurotic one so I can see how she might get on people’s nerves after a while.  That said, one of the reasons why I waited so long after Book 2 to release Book 3 is that I didn’t want my readers to get burned out, especially on Emma.  It doesn’t bother me that people like January and Lia more, however.  People are free to pick whoever they want to be their favorites.  Hell, so far it looks like Mister Black is the character they would like least to die since I asked which character’s death would make them stop reading the books and he’s in the lead so far.  I can understand people loving cats, but I’d like to think that they were at least half-joking.  After all, he’s only in the books occasionally.  Still, worry not, I have no plans to kill Mr. Black.  As Emma would say, pas du tout (not at all).

If you’ve read any of the Book of Shadows novels — even just one of them — I would love it if you could complete the survey.  Just click here and be honest.

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